Learn These Spanish Curse Words to Make Your Conversations More Colorful

Turns out we know the graffiti artist responsible for this social commentary on how shitty it is to leave your dog poop on the sidewalk

Las palabrotas aren’t for everyone. But Spanish bad words can be so good.


“How do you say ‘swear words’ in Spanish?” I asked my friend José as we sat in his and Jo's living room during a recent visit to Málaga, Spain.

“Las palabrotas,” he said. “That means ‘broken words.’”

Me cago en la leche: literally, “I shit in the milk.”
It means, “No way!”

I gleefully handed him a notebook and had him write down all the swear words and naughty expressions he could think of in Spanish.

I feel it’s best to try to speak like locals — and that means learning the bad words as well. Heck, they’re usually the most fun anyway.

My love of swear words goes way back. In fact, in college, when I took a linguistics class, I titled one of my big reports for the semester, Fuck! The History of the Ultimate Four-Letter Word (and Other “Bad” Words).

My teacher, most likely bored with the usual goody-goody subjects, practically squealed in delight when I pitched my idea.

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Here’s the list that José wrote down for me:

  • joder: to fuck
  • la polla: dick (strangely, this word is feminine)
  • el coño: pussy, though it also works as an expression like, "Dammit!"
  • gilipolla: asshole, wanker (keep in mind some of these were shared by my British friend Jo)
  • chupapollas: cocksucker
  • Me cago en la leche: literally, "I shit in the milk." It means, “No way!”
  • Tengo una cita con Roca: literally, "I have a date with Roca" (the most common brand of toilet in Spain). It means, “I need the loo.”
  • mamón: from the verb meaning to breastfeed, this can mean sucker, loser or asshole
  • cara culo: butthead
  • Vete a tomar por culo: Get the fuck out of here
  • hijoputa: son of a whore
  • Me cago en tu padre/madre: I shit on your dad/mom (charming, eh?)
  • Salut y forza al canut: A Catalán toast meaning, "To health and a hard cock!"
  • marquita: literally, "ladybug." It means “gayboy”
  • una chupada/mamada: blowjob
  • correrse: to cum (notice it’s reflexive). Correr means “to run” — “Be very careful with these verbs,” Jo wisely warns. Let’s use them in a sentence: Correrme/Me corro: I’m cumming!
  • tener un pedo/estar pedo: to be wasted, drunk. Interesting, as pedo means “fart.”

Enjoy, hijoputas! –Wally

What are your favorite naughty expressions in Spanish?